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»It is our generation's responsibility to build a metaverse that lets us be more human again.«

Robin Huse


Social Computing

From personal computing to social computing.

We have been getting way too comfortable with our rectangle screens. It's time to rethink how we work, learn and connect using technology that lets us be more human again.

xr design – animation

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There are over 1000 checkpoints in a building. Augmented-Reality helps facility managers find those points.
Provide knowledge where its needed, in your field of view.

With sphira we solved ultra-local wayfinding by implementing a rope that effectively guides you to your target no matter how you hold your phone.

co-founder — fullstack development — ux design

sphira.co demo video



We learn best when we explore and experience. Then why are PowerPoint presentations still flat and non-interactive?

SPHĖRE is a collaborative XR workspace where you can create and share interactive presentations.

SPHĖRE is completely web-based, our plugin-system allows you to dynamically load 3D-Elements that have program logic attached to them. We built our own WebGL-UI-framework to enable easy plugin-development. Every interaction gets synced to all participants.

UX Design — WebXR — Multiuser

Tracto VR

Showing off large machinery usually required TractoTechnik to physically bring them to show floors. But with VR people can explore them anywhere using hand-tracking as a natural input device that everyone 'just gets'.

UnrealEngine — Hand-Tracking — ux design


We used augmented-reality to deliver engaging experiences to visitors of Interprints HUB event. Navigating the show floor can be tough, an interactive 3D map helps with orientation.

Unity — ux design — Vuforia


CanyonRide lets you experience a thrilling ride through the desert. But encounters with giant spiders or an enormeous eagle should be expected.

UnrealEngine — VR — 3D-Modeling


Go onto the simulator and feel the weightlessness of space. Experience saturn and its moon in total immersion.

UnrealEngine — VR — Simulator

Flight of the falcon

Learn to fly like a falcon and steer through beautiful island landscapes. Raise your arms to softly float in the air or lower them to plummet.

Unity — Kinect — 3D-Modeling